Von Won dropped his 23-track album wet paint 3: Church Socks and Jordans featuring a who’s who of Christian rap. Some of the notables are Tedashii, Dru Bex, and Bryann Trejo. 

Church Socks and Jordans is a continuation of my Wet Paint mixtape series and it only seemed right to honor that hip hop tradition with my take on a classic cut. I like to say I’m ‘raptizing’ the original,” Von Won said of single “Dear Von.” 

Von explained the “Wet Paint” title is not only a nod to the candy-colored slabs of Houston’s car culture, but it’s also a way to acknowledge that he/we are all spiritual works in progress. 

“Even though I’m a full-time lead pastor at Fellowship Houston, I have to admit that God is still refining me each and every day,” Von shared.

“Dear Von” also serves as the debut of sorts for Mandi Del Campo, a singer in Fellowship’s worship band who will soon be announced as the newest artist signed to Von Won’s Grown and Saved record label. 

See the Von Won Tracklist Below:

Von Won