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So this is our last episode of 2019 and the last of the decade. It’s always slow for music after Christmas so I wanted to talk about some lists!

Top 50 CHH Albums in the Last Decade

I want you all to think about what the top 50 CHH albums of the last decade were. There have been so many great albums just in the last 5 years, but you gotta dig back deeper than that.
We have a thread on FB and Twitter where people are listing their picks off. Check it out, and be diverse with your choices!

Artists of the Decade

Now, let’s think about all the artists who shaped the culture this decade. Who really pushed the needle as far as style, sound, and influence? Who was consistent the ENTIRE decade?

Artists of the Future

Lastly, let’s take a prospective look into the future and guess who the next 10 artists to lead the following decade are. They might just be emerging, they could already be established, or maybe they won’t even appear until 2025. Who’s on your radar?
Let’s come back next week to talk about it!


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