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Lecrae is gearing up for a huge 2020! Don’t take my word for it, he said so himself. Lecrae said he’s got a new album coming. He’s working on Let the Trap Say Amen part two. There’s a new book coming and another tour. Let us know which of these you are most excited about.

Kanye West

Speaking of Lecrae, this one is a doozy. He will be a headliner at the Strength to Stand Bible Conference with…drum roll…Kanye West! The two artists will be on there on different nights, but one would hope they run into each other. West is replacing comedian John Crist on the bill after reports of sexual misconduct surfaced.
Kanye West also just performed his ‘MARY Opera‘ on Sunday which told of Christ’s coming through the virgin birth. From all accounts, it was something to behold.
Lastly, the rapper will be appearing in Yankee Stadium in May of next year with Joel Osteen for an event. Being in NYC, you have a feeling all 55,000 seats are being filled up.


Released his first new single since his No. 1 album The Search with “Paid My Dues.” The music video and song is signature NF.

Justin, Terminally Ill Fan

I want to briefly draw your attention to a Christian rap superfan named Justin who has months to live. Justin is a die-hard Texas sports fan and lover of CHH. He first discovered CHH after someone walking down the street yelled at him to listen to Lecrae. I dropped a story about him this morning that explains how a normally treatable diagnosis of Graves DIsease wound up being a countdown for his life.


Here’s an amendment from last week. I incorrectly stated that Chris Chicago stepped down from Rapzilla.com Live and NGEN radio. Chris did not leave radio. He just left the show he’s been doing for 20 years that eventually became Rapzilla.com LIVE. You can still catch every day except Sunday on NGEN.
We also announced Marcus Sullivan will be taking over the show. This will no longer be happening, so as of right now, there is no radio show until we can develop something further. We wish Marcus well!


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