Genius is one of the biggest authorities in the entire music industry. The community is strong, and originally started with hip-hop but has spread to all music. That is why when their 50 Best Albums of 2019 list dropped, NF and nobigdyl. being on it is – a big deal.

The Christian rap community knew how good The Search by NF is and how good nobigdyl’s LOWERCASE TAPE is, so it’s cool to see the mainstream accept that as well. It’s also an intro for audiences who may have never heard CHH to hear two of the biggest artists. Even within Genius’ description of the projects, they didn’t explicitly mention Christian in it which may lead some people to say “next.” It gave NF and dyl. a chance to be heard without being pigeonholed.

“The Search is the next step in NF’s journey and features a different sound than his previous three albums. This album sees a much calmer artist who has come to terms with his past and has moved on in search of hope. NF touches on topics such as self-hatred, loneliness, and regrets.”

“Altogether, LOWERCASE TAPE. is a fun, complete listen top-to-bottom, proving that even if things didn’t work out, Capitol was right to see the promise of nobigdyl’s talent.”

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