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The Family Ties Tour with Steven Malcolm, Canon, & nobigdyl. Comes to Atlanta, GA

The Family Ties Tour featuring nobigdyl., Canon, Steven Malcolm, Kurtis Hoppie, and King Chav made its stop in Atlanta, Ga last night.

Co-Heir Collective opened up the show with a high energy performance. Kurtis Hoppie kept the vibes going and the host of the night, DJ Mykael V kept the crowd engaged.

Kurtis Hoppie

King Chav performed songs from his newly released project The Leftovers.

King Chav

Steven Malcolm performed “Fuego” and other songs from his album The Second City. In the middle of his set, he offered a heartfelt prayer for Juice Wrld’s family and friends in light of the artist passing away yesterday.

Canon came out blazing with songs like “It’s Not a game” and “Eagles.”


nobigdyl. closed out the set doing songs “Over Here” and “Orion” and told the story behind the song “Suicide Nets” from the Canopy album. He also brought out special guests 1K Phew and WHATUPRG, before ending the night with “Colossal.”


[fvplayer id=”285″]

This was definitely an amazing show.

Kevan Banks
Kevan Banks
Kevan Banks, known as Kev In The Corner, is a music lover and guest coordinator for Trackstarz.


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