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Top 15 Most Streamed Christian Rap Songs of the Decade

With 2020 quickly approaching, now is the time to look back on the many hits the 2010s brought. Fortunately, the rise of streaming services grants us the ability to see which singles were the most streamed. So, here are the top 15 most streamed Christian Rap songs of the 2010s!

** The following statistics are based on Spotify. Apple Music doesn’t release their streaming numbers to the public. Numbers are based on the day before this article was released.**

15. Lecrae

14. Lecrae
“Say I Won’t” ft. Andy Mineo

13. KB
“Crowns & Thorns (Oceans)”

12. Lecrae
“Hammer Time” ft. 1k Phew

11. Andy Mineo
“I Ain’t Done”

10. KB
“Church Clap” ft. Lecrae

9. Gawvi
“Fight For Me” ft. Lecrae

8. Lecrae
“I’m Turnt”

7. Trip Lee
“Manolo” ft. Lecrae

6. Flame
“Start Over” Ft. NF
20, 107, 439

5. Lecrae
“All I Need Is You”

4. Andy Mineo and Lecrae
“Coming in Hot”

3. Lecrae
“Blessings” ft. Ty Dolla $ign

2. Lecrae
“I’ll Find You” ft. Tori Kelly

1. Andy Mineo
“You Can’t Stop Me”

To no surprise, Reach Records’ artists dominated this list. Flame, Tori Kelly, and Ty Dolla $ign are the only three artists not with the label, and Tori and Ty are just features. Having Ty on this list in of itself is crazy, as it shows how far Christian Rap has come as a genre. Lecrae is the leading artist on this list, holding eight spots, not including his three features. Overall, however, Andy Mineo takes the crown for the most-streamed CHH song with his hit off of his EP Neverland.

NF was not included in this list because he would have taken all 15 spots. There are eight songs in his catalog that have more streams than Andy’s “You Can’t Stop Me” and five songs that have fewer streams than “Nuthin.”

What do you think about this list? Which songs were you surprised to see on this list? Stay tuned for another stream statistics article here on Rapzilla!

*Edit: Originally, this article had Andy Mineo’s “The Saints” ft. KB and Trip Lee at the #15 spot. However, it was bumped off to correct this list with the addition of Flame’s “Start Over” ft. NF.*


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