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10 UK Christian Rap Artists to Watch in 2020

Back in May 2018, Mickey Tezare shared 10 UK Christian Hip-Hop Artists To Look Out For In 2018. The list included rappers such as Still Shadey, Jordy Mankoto, and TNEEK. 

Since then, the UK Christian Rap scene has really gone from strength to strength and a new generation of artists have emerged. In February 2019, I started MXRCY and the Christian Rap UK playlist on Spotify. Today, I’d like to share with you 10 UK Christian rappers to look out for in 2020.

All of these artists are “up-and-coming” and currently have less than 1,000 followers on Spotify. To put that number into perspective, Guvna B has 18,000 Spotify followers and Lecrae has 800,000!

1. Marc Jones

Marc Jones is making a name for himself as one of the most promising new-gen rappers in UKCHH. He started uploading music in 2018, with his singles ‘Wrestling’ and ‘Straight Lines’ being featured on GRM Daily and Link Up TV, respectively.

His track ‘Real’ (released in June 2019) is his biggest hit, so far. It’s clocked up over 1.3 million streams and is featured in Spotify’s Beast Mode playlist. ‘Progress’, Jones’ debut six-track EP, dropped in August 2019.

His latest offering, ‘Bellerin Freestyle’, is already a fan favorite and is a great introduction to all the UK has to offer the global Christian rap scene. Marc Jones is without a doubt “one to watch” in 2020!

Follow Marc Jones on; Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

2. Jesse Francis

Jesse Francis is one of my favorite UK Christian hip-hop artists with an extremely versatile sound and style. That’s not surprising when you discover that, as well as being a rapper, he’s also a classically trained musician on a full scholarship at the Royal College of Music in London!

A couple of weeks ago, Jesse shared on his Instagram that his debut EP, Summer Is A State Of Mind (working title), is finished. There’s no official release date yet but I’m sure it’s going to be absolute fire.

Until then, check out his 2019 singles; “Feeling Low” (above), “Slept” and “Call Last Night.” Three very different hip-hop tracks. I said he was versatile!

Follow Jesse Francis on; Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

3. R-Scar

R-Scar has been active in the UKCHH scene since 2017. His debut album Diverse dropped in June 2018 and featured artists such as Jesse Francis, Likemikes, DavEorKoFi, and FEGS. It gives a flavor of what “R-to-the-Scar” is all about.

His latest EP 7 came out in August and the opening track “Helicopter” has had close to 50,000 streams on Spotify alone. My favorite track from the EP is “Maranatha” (above). Keep listening, because the track flips at 1:55!

R-Scar is another very versatile young artist, rapping and singing over all sorts of different genres. And he shares his faith clearly and honestly.

Follow R-Scar on; Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

4. Dee Witness

Dee Witness is a rapper who isn’t afraid to spit the undiluted gospel in his tracks. Just listen to “What Do You See In Me.” And I challenge any Christian not to feel convicted listening to his track “But Still.” 

In September his debut EP Stick To The Script hit digital shelves. “Talk Is Cheap” is my favorite track and is filled with biblical truth and honest reflections. The official video for track #1, “Losing Myself” (above), premiered in November.

Dee Witness has a mature and toughened style, yet at the same time, it’s raw and open. It’s this juxtaposition that really makes his music stand out and grab your attention!

Follow Dee Witness on; Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

5. Deyah

Deyah is the artist formerly known as NoName Disciple and has been making music since 2017. You may have come across her 2017 EP Therapy Sessions 77. She’s also featured on tracks by Manga Saint Hilare, Etta Bond and Icie.

She released her first project under her new name in June 2019 – a 13-track EP titled Lover Loner. The introspective track “Moons Ago” has done very well and I had “Blue Noise” and “Home” in my Spotify playlist for months.

There’s a real lack of female rappers in the UKCHH scene (I can only think of Deyah and TNEEK), so it’s great to see Deyah making such quality music.

Follow Deyah on; Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.


TOZZA is only 17-years-old (and therefore “still too young to club”) but he’s already had a string of successful single releases in “Trill,” “We Move,” “Lady” and, most recently, “Been About” – which is my personal favorite.

His passion for music is self-evident. As well as rapping, singing, and producing, TOZZA also plays four instruments. Add that to his abundant energy and confident flow and you’re left with an artist who makes rapping look effortless.

Having achieved so much already, and at such a young age, I’m sure that TOZZA is one to watch in the Christian rap scene in 2020 and beyond!

Follow TOZZA on; Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

7. Luke November

Luke November burst onto the UKCHH scene in 2018 with his trademark braids and beads hairstyle (similar to Lil Yachty). His gospel drill single “Call Me Bad” did particularly well on Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

True to his name, Luke released his first debut EP in November (2019) entitled G.M.T. It features five very different sounding tracks. The “Thought Rapper” beat gives me XXXTENTACION vibes. “In The Rain” is more autotuned and trappy. Just listen to the EP!

Luke clearly puts a lot of time, energy and money into creating music videos for his tracks – I can count nine on YouTube! It’s great to see a young artist taking his career seriously.

Follow Luke November on; Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

8. Sams 4 Christ

Sams 4 Christ first started making Christian music so that he and his mates would have something Christ-honoring to dance to. Fast forward a year and the Christian rap scene in Bolton, his home town, is growing nicely.

August 2019 saw the release of Sams 4 Christ’s debut project, Seed of Creation 19/19/19. The album has a very contemporary sound and is packed full of rapping and singing that proclaims Jesus. The opening track “Wait” has done well on Spotify and SoundCloud.

With the help of his brother Reuben Ajala and fellow Manchester native Real Crimo, I’m sure that we’ll be hearing a lot more from Sams 4 Christ in 2020.

Follow Sams 4 Christ on; Spotify, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

9. CRB

CRB is a bit of a mystery man in the UKCHH scene – or, at least I don’t really know anything about him. He released two singles in late 2019, “Bad Habits” and “iPray.” Both were produced by Bhris Beats. And they both went straight into my Christian Rap UK playlist.

There’s something different about these two tunes. They are very professional. They immediately caught my attention when I first heard them. They made me sit up and listen. Gospel Hydration supports him too. They have both of them on their YouTube channel.

CRB is definitely raising the bar with these two tracks. And that’s what we need. I’m excited to see what he releases in 2020 and to learn more about him as an artist and a person.

Follow CRB on Spotify and Instagram.

10. TJ Cream

TJ Cream is last but by no means least on my list of 10 UK Christian rappers to watch in 2020. He’s part of the collective ZAA Music but started releasing music under his own name on SoundCloud just seven months ago.

His Hard Talk EP dropped in October and is made up of four tracks with features from OZorO, NoIfzNoButz, Adzilla, and Marko. And just last week the video to “Sticks & Stones” premiered on Gospel Hydration’s YouTube channel. Go check that out!

I’m looking forward to seeing more of TJ Cream and ZAA Music in 2020. It safe to say that the Christian Rap scene in the UK is growing nicely.

Follow TJ Cream on; Spotify, Instagram, and Twitter.

BONUS: Konola

I spent a long time narrowing my list down to just ten artists. It wasn’t easy. There’s so much up-and-coming talent in the UK Christian Rap scene right now. But I was happy with my choices.

Then I went to the Saved Sounds gig in London last week and saw a young gospel drill artist called Konola perform live. I think it’s fair to say he totally shut the show down and I knew right there and then that I couldn’t not add him to this article.

Konola is part of the collective ‘Goons 4 God’ but he’s also released his own solo debut project entitled Glory To God on SoundCloud. The drill scene in the UK is really strong at the moment and it’s great to see gospel artists incorporating the sound into their music.

Follow Konola on; Soundcloud and Instagram.


Written by Ben Larcombe

Ben is a guest contributor to and owner of MXRCY - a hub for Christian Rap in the UK. He curates the Christian Rap UK playlist on Spotify and is a big supporter of up-and-coming UKCHH artists. When he's not listening to UK Christian Rap, Ben is probably coaching table tennis or running one of his many table tennis businesses.

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