What was supposed to be a celebratory time at 1K Phew’s What’s Misunderstood 2 release party became tragic. WHATUPRG came out to find that his car was broken into, and his laptop and hard drives were stolen.


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Presumably, RG was at the tail end of these projects that he hinted at back in May with the following Tweets:


Two Birds One Stone was probably the collaboration project hinted at by him and 1K Phew. New Hollywood was mentioned in a previous interview to be his first full-length album. The Spanish album could be a teased project with Tommy Royale, while It Gets Better sounds like a follow-up to Raul.

Andy Mineo also had his laptop stolen earlier in the year. He recovered from that by dropping A Work in Progress. Let’s hope WHATUPRG can recover, and also have some of those files on the cloud somewhere.