Thomas Iannucci has partnered with up and coming rap & pop artist Montythehokage to release their new single, “Take Me Back,” featuring the Kapa’a Middle School Choir.

Produced by veteran hip hop producer and emcee J. Crum, “Take Me Back” is a catchy, soulful tune that finds Iannucci reminiscing about the “good old days,” like the times spent out at the beach, or having dinner with his extended family, while Monty, backed by the local Kapa’a middle school choir, croons about wanting to go back to those days. It is both a unique snapshot of a life spent in Hawaii, as well as a supremely relatable song about the universal theme of growing up.

“This song is one of the best I’ve ever done,” said Iannucci. “Monty, Crum, and I really came up with something special. It feels great to talk about my home on this track, because it means a lot to me, but also because I think everyone will be able to relate with what I’m saying. We all have those days we look back on fondly, the ones we wish we could go back to, just for a night. My goal was to make that happen while you’re listening to this song.”

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