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Reach Records Announces ‘The Gift Deluxe’ Coming Soon

Your favorite Christmas jams are back and there’s more to love this time. Reach Records introduced The Gift: A Christmas Compilation Deluxe! This version features all the tracks you love from before and now THREE NEW tracks! The deluxe will be available 11.29.19. 

One of the new additions is a song is called, “Thanking You” by GAWVI and Hollyn.

Turn your notifications on, we have a feeling there’s more info to come about this album. 

Who do you hope will be featured in the new songs? 

What’s your favorite song so far on this compilation? 


Written by Maggie

Maggie Salyers is currently a content marketer. She has also worked in social media. Maggie tries to listen to a variety of music but spends the most time with Christian hip-hop, Americana/Folk, and 80s dance tracks. She loves how the Lord has shared the ability to create, and how that gift aids in multiplying the Kingdom.

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