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Kirk Franklin Boycotts Dove Awards, Chris Tomlin, Kanye, WHATUPRG & More | Top Christian Rap News

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Kirk Franklin

We’re kicking off this episode with a bold statement by the legend Kirk Franklin who stated he will be boycotting anything to do with the Gospel Music Association, Dove Awards, & TBN because they edit out the African American Experience. For the second time in Franklin’s career, a rallying cry of racial reconciliation and a prayer to do better after a tragedy was edited out of the final telecast of his Dove Award win. The first time he spoke to the GMA’s about the slight and they assured him it wouldn’t happen again. Well, it happened again.

Artists such as Lecrae, Aaron Cole, nobigdyl, and others took to supporting Kirk, with Lecrae making his own video too. Check out the full video on Rapzilla.

Kanye West

Going to keep this brief, because I, along with a lot of you have Kanye West fatigue. But, we have a number of editorials on the website that speak about West’s faith journey and the music of Jesus is King. We have a breakdown of the album by Elijah Matos. He’s so good at these. Also, Marcus Donaldson talks about “Jesus is King” not being a controversial statement. This is a wonderful editorial that basically questions believers who feel Kanye is past being “Saved.”

Lastly, we have coverage of Chris Tomlin, yes, Chris Tomlin, the great worship leader covering Kanye’s “Closed on Sunday.” Aka, doing his own version of the “Chic-fil-a.” song. Let’s just say, Rapzilla readers seemed less than enthused. Check these out for yourself.


In what turns out to be a tragic situation for an artist, WHATUPRG had his laptop and hard drives stolen from his truck. They broke his window and took his belongings presumably while he was performing at 1K Phew’s album release party. Unfortunately, RG said an entire four projects he was working on were on those hard drives and laptop. Check out the article on Rapzilla as we have a pretty educated guess on what the names of those albums are.


In a week packed with content, here are a few quick stories to checkout. 1K Phew dropped What’s Misunderstood 2 and we also have some concert review of the release party too. nobigdyl. revealed the title, artwork, tracklist, and release date of his upcoming Lowercase Tape. That drops this Friday.

We have a Bar Exam of Small Thing to a Giant, Thi’sl’s newest album. Our very own Luc DiMarzio does a one listen take of the project.

Then we have interviews with A.I. the Anomaly and Jarry Manna too! A.I. talks about motherhood on the road, signing with GOM and art while Jarry speaks about A3C, his upcoming project, and performing with the three indie tribe members.

Chris Chicago

Lastly, many have been asking about the LIVE podcast/radio show with Chris Chicago. Chris had stopped doing the show for around two months because of the birth of a child. During that time period, he had a perspective change and after about 20 years of doing his radio show, he is ending it. Read the full transcript of his statement on the site. We personally want to thank Chris Chicago for his years of dedicated service to the culture and to people. He touched hundreds of thousands of lives. Thank you Chris.


In conclusion, don’t forget to check out all of our playlists featuring the top tracks that dropped on Friday. Start with the Rapzilla Playlist and work your way down. Remember to check out the Christian Rap Mix and Pandora and the best indie artists and tips on

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