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KEEPALOT T.R.A – Circles

KEEPALOT T.R.A – Circles

KEEPALOT T.R.A reflects those words in his new single, “Circles.” With his storytelling lyrics and the help of Da Professa and EvidenceYessir, T.R.A. vividly walks listeners through the everyday struggle of African Americans in America.

Lyrics like “…if your color too dark, they look at you as a weapon…” and “I wonder what he could’ve been if he didn’t die, he was a good guy…” expresses how he views the world and still can see the good in people even when the media says otherwise.

“The things I’ve been through so far influenced me a lot, even at the age of fifteen. It’s gotten to the point where I started to look at writing as a pain reliever. It became a way for me to get my feelings out. Rather than talking about it, I could express myself better through my craft.”

Listen to KEEPALOT T.R.A Below:


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