The John Crist story has taken a nosedive into a “tragic comedy” tale. A huge expose detailing sexual misconduct, harassment, inappropriate behavior, sexting, and manipulation was just published on Charisma News.

The article contained first-hand accounts by numerous people who were affected by Crist and his behavior.

Crist has not publicly made a statement yet, but we will update once he does. Of course, it’s important to note that these are allegations at the moment until he confirms or denies, but the evidence contained within the article is very damning. It includes text and email exchanges, a number of “victims,” and those who are shocked that no one else knew this about John Crist. Sources have revealed that Crist knew this day was coming but never knew when.

Here’s a direct quote: “Over the years, Crist’s behavior has gradually become a kind of open secret among certain Christian circles. Some individuals contacted for the investigation expressed surprise that the general public was not already aware of Crist’s behavior.”

The only announcement made was that the tour was canceled due to “health reasons.”

In an effort to focus on his health, John Crist has made the decision to postpone his 2020 tour dates. We are sorry for the inconvenience & any confusion this might have caused. Thank you for your understanding & continued support of John.”

Crist was due to have his first Netflix special drop on November 28th called “I Ain’t Prayin’ For That,” and was set to begin the “Immature Thoughts 2.0” tour this week.

Stay tuned for more information, and read the full article here.