To Eshon Burgundy, hip-hop is not just music. Hip-hop to him is his ministry and he’s all in on following God’s call. The emcee explained his outlook on Christian rap to Ruslan on camera, and how something Chance the Rapper said, led to a call out and a conversation.

Burgundy took issue to Chance saying he’s a “Christian rapper” and “represents God” and in the next line of a song “solicits her for sex.” After calling him out on that line, Chance followed Eshon and then saw that as an opportunity to DM him.

Chance told Burgundy that he misunderstood the line.

They never actually spoke on the phone but Dm’d back and forth for a whole day, and keep in touch. They even did a Bible study together.

The veteran CHH artist said Chance seems official in his walk with God although he’s still working things out.

Watch Eshon Burgundy below: