Dee-1 unapologetically has a knack for repping his hometown of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana on stages across the world. This time around Dee-1 gives us an inside look of what happens when you bring politics and the culture in one room with two mics.
Current Governor and Democratic Candidate of Louisiana John Bel Edwards sat down for a thirty-minute interview to answer some thought-provoking questions by rapper Dee-1.

They covered a number of topics from “What Goliaths do you feel good about slaying while in office?” To “What is your prayer for the future of Louisiana?”

Governor Edwards quoted scripture from time to time to show his political approach was rooted in the Word. He sounds very genuine, but I did get the once every 4-year politician visit at church vibes. Overall, I appreciate Dee-1 taking the neutral interviewer approach instead of the endorser because he seemed unmoved with any of the answers.

Though this wasn’t their first time crossing paths, Dee-1 seemed to have a good sense of the stigmas that come with politics and brought the people some clarity. The Governor shared some interesting viewpoints and some of his future plans if he gets reelected.
Kudos to Dee-1 for raising the standards for the culture and repping the Kingdom in rare form at the Governor’s mansion.

Watch Dee-1 Below: