Chance the Rapper appeared on the wildly popular YouTube series Hot Ones hosted by Sean Evans. Evans, a deep diver of research, asked Chance about being a “Christian rapper” and asked him about Kanye West’s Sunday Service.

“One of the more complicated things to unpackage is the way people react to you being a Christian rapper, at least putting faith in the music that you make,” Evans said.

He continued, “When you see headlines like Vice saying, ‘It’s Tough to be a Chance the Rapper Fan When You’re Not a Christian‘ what is your reaction to that?”

“Maybe that’s true…but does it sound like it makes sense? No,” Chance the Rapper replied.

“Obviously Kanye’s generating Kanye levels of interest in this Sunday Service thing. What’s your initial thought on that kind of music sharing?” Evans asked.

“It’s slightly more important because it’s doing what we’re supposed to do, shouting praise,” said Chance. “Seeing Kanye get all these people together reveal these songs of worship that have been around forever to people who may not know them. It’s an important thing that’s supposed to be happening right now and it’s dope that Ye is doing it.”

Watch the Chance the Rapper Here (12 min mark):