If you need a little push or motivation into the next step of your career, creative endeavor, or just to get some encouragement from people pushing through the same things you are – Christian rap has got you covered.

This community does something well that I’ve always sought from other places of music and artistry. It allows you to know people’s stories. Fame does this uncomfortable thing where it strips people of their humanity and places them on a pedestal. When the reason most people are famous is in part is because of their story. Yet, money and clout get in the way and people lose that story sometimes in a way. It becomes about their talent and what they can do instead. I can only imagine it’s such a hard place to be, trying to create and understand life when all people desire is your name and your facade.

But CHH, along with a few other creative spaces I imagine – makes room for the person. I think this has a lot to do with the focus and content being on Christ and that the people making this music desire His Kingdom to be grown. One of the sweet things to me in learning more artists’ stories and who they are behind the music – is how uniquely they are involved in the church. I get excited to see the creativity of God at work.

Some of that creativity I want to highlight is a few of my favorite thinkers in Christian hip-hop. These thinkers have created space to unpack hard topics and have made room for honest, intelligent conversation. From theology to politics and back again – these folks are asking the questions you’ve wanted to, and while you may not get a clear cut answer you’ll be encouraged to dig deep. Each of these artists has bolstered me on with their desire to seek God and resilience to find Him on every step of walking out their faith. I pass these on to you (if you haven’t found them already) in hopes you too can be reminded God is there every time we press in.

Southside Rabbi, a podcast with KB and Ameen Hudson

KB and Ameen are all energy and heart of this podcast that just started in September 2019. They started their first episode with a sucker punch talking about death, which I recommend. They spend some time talking about the complexity of how we avoid and ignore our temporary state. From here, they go on to other relevant topics and even unpack the story behind KB’s latest single, “Lincoln.” This podcast is great because the friendship between KB and Ameen allows a natural flow of conversation. If you don’t like things getting into the weeds – this isn’t for you. No corners are cut and a necessary tangent here and there only help to beautifully bring everything together. Don’t miss this.

The Red Couch Podcast with Propaganda and Alma

I really don’t need to say anything, do I? It’s Prop and Alma aka husband and wife you know they kill it. Wow, wow. These two have such an elegant, compassionate delivery. This podcast focuses on current events, social, and political issues. They interview different folks, sometimes it’s just them, and sometimes it’s some of your favorite CHH artists. The conversation is rarely the end of it, they do an amazing job of providing further reading and ways to get involved with the topic at hand. Expect outbursts from Prop with the slow laugh, to learn something you didn’t know before, and a desire to lean into another’s story.

Ruslan KD, interviews/reactions on Youtube

Okay, technically not a podcast, but it might as well be! Ruslan’s channel is a mix of a lot of things. Ruslan is a master with questions, and he interviews everyone! The motivation to gather all this content is crazy. I’ve learned so much about niches of Christian rap I missed out on. This channel is a mini CHH history lesson if you keep up with it. I’ve also gotten to hear artists’ stories on this channel. Some of my personal favorites are with Ruslan’s old friend and comedian, Rufat Agayev. Check it out!

I love the perspectives offered by these artists. I only gave you snapshots into them, but I hope you experience them for yourself. All of these people love God and seek to understand. I’ve learned from their patience, enthusiasm, and empathy. I’m grateful that as Christians we are called to not only love truth, and be Christ-like, but we are called to thoughtfulness. We are called to grow our understanding, broaden our empathy for those in hard places, and use our minds and intelligence to love God and His creation.

You can also support The Red Couch Podcast and Ruslan KD on Patreon.

What are some of your favorite podcasts, channels, or creative endeavors from Christian rap artists?