For 30+ years Christian Rap has been placed on the back burner of Christian entertainment and industry. Now, more so than ever, hip-hop culture is the most prevalent around the world. Within Christian Hip Hop, we have innovators, highly talented artists, and people behind the scenes pushing the movement. The best part – they are operating in pushing Christ.

That is why WE, the CHH culture, deserve better. WE deserve our own award show that is representative of the entire genre and history of CHH from the indie rapper, signed artists, to people behind the scenes. Aside from interactions behind the scenes for nearly two decades, there have been a number of recent incidents that let us know more than ever that we need to curate OUR award show. Let’s have hip-hop industry leaders, artists, media, and fans determine the outcome of our thriving music scene. Whenever a door was closed for CHH, WE had to make our door in the back, and WE’ve always succeeded.

Enter in the HONOR THE CULTURE AWARDS. This is bigger than Rapzilla, this is Rapzilla continuing the movement, but WE can’t do it by ourselves. We need the artists, the labels, and the fans to rally together and help us throw the award’s show CHH deserves.

Our goal is lofty one but not impossible. WE are looking to raise $50,000 to produce this event. Rapzilla gets roughly 200,000 readers per month. We need just a quarter of you to give $1.

Here’s what we’re going to use the money for:

– Secure proper venue
– Secure proper production
– Security and staff
– Video and audio recording team
– Honoree expenses (flights, lodging, etc.)
– Produce physical awards to give to honorees
– Many miscellaneous expenses

In 2018 we laid the groundwork in Atlanta, GA at A3C Hip-Hop Conference & Festival with our beat battle. In 2019 we expanded for the culture with two artist showcases and two song critique sessions. Now, we’re asking you all to help us represent Christ and Christian Rap culture in Atlanta, the hub for CHH.

In our 16 years of being a website, we’ve never asked for money from our readers before. This time we are, and we’d love to make it happen with your help. Please pray for us as we embark on this endeavor and pray God’s hand on the process.