Selah the Corner released all the details for his upcoming third installment of the ‘Hoodie Season’ projects. ‘Hoodie Season 3’ drops this Friday (October 11) from God Over Money.


  1. Trigger Dedication
  2. Gone Fishing (feat. DJ Mykael)
  3. Yams to the Repass
  4. Cocoon Funeral (feat. Bumps Inf & A.I. The Anomaly)
  5. B.C.A.D. (feat. Hurt)
  6. Welcome to the Trap (feat. Stefanotto & Datin)
  7. Skyline (feat. Lavoisier & Rigz)
  8. T.I.N.Y.C.h.h. (feat. Rigz & Jewelz)
  9. S.C.L.3.
  10. Sede Vacante (Bonus Track)


Selah the Corner Hoodie Season 3 Album Cover