Poetics has had a successful year. He started the year on Rapzilla.com’s freshman list, and soon after released an album with KJ-52. Throughout the year he produced songs for Derek Minor, Canon, Braille, Surfer Wolf, Davis Absolute, and most recently KB.

Recently he passed a million streams on Spotify and has been transitioning into a new genre with lofi instrumental music. He has already had several placements with lofi promotional pages. Including Paletteism, who has 65,000 Instagram followers, and Mr_MoMo Music, who exposed his music to their 226,000 youtube followers.


He’ll release his first instrumental album Burgundy, this Friday, October 4th.

Poetics tracklist:

1.) Majinbuu94
2.) Spirited
3.) Away
4.) Twinrova
5.) Miyamoto
6.) bond
7.) Write on the Mirror
8.) Dreamcast
9.) windd wakerr
10.) Meliodas