Kanye West has indeed done it. When he said The Life of Pablo was a gospel album, he just wasn’t there yet in his faith. From all indications set forth in interviews and people close to him, he had a radical encounter with Jesus. The seemingly definitive answer has arrived with Jesus is King.

On this record, made for a mainstream secular audience, West holds no punches about his faith. His new mission is to serve Christ and create music that glorifies Him. The enigma known as Kanye West is fully immersed in his spiritual journey.

“What have you been hearing from the Christians? They’ll be the first ones to judge me.” That line from “Hands On” hits particularly hard as we’ve seen it first hand on Rapzilla. However, Kanye is legit now.

The album seamlessly weaves through gospel cuts and rap tracks with everything in between. It awesome to see Kanye use the full breadth of his talents to create something for the kingdom.

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