James Gardin and Jahshua Smith dropped their new single “Sad Black Boys,” they had a lot to say about this deep track.

“CNN recently reported that recent studies show suicide attempts were on the rise among black teenagers. In the Black community depression and mental illness are often met with ‘tough love’, suppression, and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Michigan recording artists James Gardin and Jahshua Smith get vulnerable about their journey on their latest effort ‘Sad Black Boys’. The song shows how this issue has been going on much longer than recent news may lead one to believe.

The two emcees rap two emotional confessions of black men who have had inner battles that they are still fighting to this day. Gardin and Smith’s performance over Terem’s soulful piano-driven production will make you empathize with the two, and reflect on what you’ve been feeling inside. Gardin says, ‘The goal of this record is not to just leave people triggered and raw, but to jump-start an open dialogue once the music stops’.”

Listen to James Gardin and Jahshua Smith Below: