Not only is Christian rap celebrating and welcoming the addition of Kanye West to the faith, but they are also bumping his albumย Jesus is Kingย non-stop. This has led to a few artists creating remixes to some of the songs on the track.

Check out some of the tracks below:





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Had to cook something for this #JIKChallenge donโ€™t ask how we got the instrumental. No itโ€™s not a remake ๐Ÿคซ Life like/ This what my life like/ This what it sound like/ When you try to speak to truth/ They just want a sound bite/ That ainโ€™t for my appetite/ Looking at the waiter/ Donโ€™t be skimming on my brown rice/ Yeah thatโ€™s my brown wife/ Yeah I know that Iโ€™m white/ But Iโ€™m not the clown type/ Flow so sick I donโ€™t know how to cough right/ And we got the sauce right/ Came to this country as a refugee/ Guess Iโ€™m closer to off white/ Life like/ This is what my life like/ Ever since I found Christ/ They say that donโ€™t sound right/ I just wanna speak the truth/ They just wanna sound bite/ That ainโ€™t how you feast tho/ That ainโ€™t how you beast mode/ Every since I met Christ/ Itโ€™s like I got the cheat code/ Flipped on hell like 6ix 9ine and the Rico/ No carbs Iโ€™m on keto/ Meal prep at the bistro/ Receiving the fire and without the heat stroke/ Yeah he got my life right/ When you being Christ like/ You baptize the zeitgeist/ Meaning this is my right/ Meaning that we change things/ Yโ€™all be on the same thing/ Cut you off like gangrene/ Sweating out your Beijing/ Trying to get your line right/ Iโ€™m trying to get my lines right/ So I can be more Christ like/ Only way to get your mind right/ @kanyesundayservices @teamkanyedaily @kimkardashian #jesusisking #sundayservice #chh #ruslankd #ruslan #kingsdream #godsdream #christianrap #rapzilla

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