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Fake Spotify Playlists, Aaron Cole, Lecrae, GAWVI Win Dove Awards & More | Christian Rap News

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Dove Awards

We saw history last week when for the 1st time New Artist of the Year went to someone in the CHH space, Aaron Cole. He released his album Not by Chance and it helped propel him to his 1st award. Lecrae took home hip-hop album of the year with Let the Trap Say Amen which was entirely produced by the legend Zaytoven. Also, GAWVI won hip-hop song of the year with “Fight for Me.” It was great to see some diversity at the Doves with Cole and GAWVI winning their first individual awards.

Katy Perry vs FLAME

Guess what, the FLAME vs Katy Perry saga is not over yet. Perry and her team have appealed FLAME’s winning verdict and it looks like the case may be reopened. Here are some of the arguments they brought forth:

“the legally unsupportable jury verdicts in this music copyright infringement case that are widely recognized within the music industry — and beyond — as a grave miscarriage of justice. …The erroneous verdicts in this case and the precedent established thereby present serious harm to music creators and to the music industry as a whole.” 

“Plaintiffs did not offer proof of one single digital or brick-and-mortar sale of ‘Joyful Noise’ or (the album) ‘Our World Redeemed‘ and admitted that they have no such evidence.”

Check the article for even more of their counterpoints.

Kanye West

We covered an interview of Kanye West’s pastor Adam Tyson who claims the rapper has been “radically saved.” Kanye said he wants to use all his gifts and talents to make music explicitly for God.  He even went as far as to say that he had the pastor in the studio with him to make sure his music was Biblically sound and if anyone in the studio used foul language, would say, “You can’t talk like that around me, I’m a born again Christian.” So, with that being said, let’s see what this Jesus is King album is all about.

Konata Small

Let’s give a shout out to Konata Small. You may know him from the group Rhema Soul. He’s been killing it with placements lately. His latest one is for the newest Fortnite update and season campaign. They used his song “Bring the Ruckus.” You can check the trailer with the song on now.

Fake Playlists

Our last story is a big one. Shout out to Chad Horton and Steven Solis for the leg work on this, I was just the messenger. Spotify placements on huge playlists have been integral to many artists’ gameplans. Some artists even dish out a ton of money just to be on them. Well, it turns out that many of these “so-called” large playlists are actually fake. The numbers and streams you are racking up are actually bots and fake listens. So if your Spotify streams went up 20,000 listens this month off a particular playlist that is fake, more than likely, not a single one of those listens was by an actual person.

Artists your being scammed because it gives you a false sense of success and also doesn’t translate into people coming to shows or buying merch. There are literally no positives except to show off your numbers. What’s worse is that according to Spotify, it’s most prevalent in Christian hip hop. Ouch.


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