CZAR Josh and Rockstar Jt released their video to their collaborative single “Mansa Musa.” “Mansa Musa” takes the viewer through three different eras of black history while showcasing historic sites in the city of Philadelphia. The video, directed by Jonny Clay, aims to give an aggressive and charged visual to the pro-black anthem.

“I wanted my visuals to continue to represent who I am at the core. Philadelphia is rich in black history and I wanted to showcase that in this video. We are essentially sending me and Rockstar Jt through 3 eras of black culture which is shown through the color grading and different scenes. I hope people catch the gems in the video and it causes them to research more about Philly’s black history,” Josh stated.

Mansa Musa was an African King in the 1300s. Here’s what CZAR said about the meaning of the name.

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