Chris Soul – BRUCE LEE

Chris Soul

Chris Soul dropped his new single “BRUCE LEE,” and had a nice summary of how it came about.

Bruce Lee will forever be known as one of the greatest fighters in the world/of all time. During a deep rut in my life, I felt super discouraged, felt like giving up. I was allowing my failure (in which I felt) alter my way of thinking in a negative way. I also felt down emotionally and overall just stopped a lot of things from keeping me from my fullest potential and distracting me from the calling God has put over my life. After spending time with God I realized life will be life and we have to fight through it. Not only fighting for the victory but fighting for my salvation, my family, my mental health, and etc. The best thing about fighting these battles and learning as I go, Bruce Lee came to mind. Even though he was known as one of the best, it doesn’t mean he didn’t get knocked down, he just kept fighting. Outlasting every obstacle or opponent in the way both physically, mentally, emotionally, maybe even bad character traits such as pride that could also defeat you far worse than anything else.

Listen to Chris Soul Below:

Stream here.


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