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Social Club Misfits Drop ‘DOOM’, J. Monty ‘100 Bars Pt. 4’, A3C, & More | Top Christian Rap News

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Social Club Misfits

The Social Club Misfits dropped their new EP DOOM and per usual, it did not disappoint. The EP is essentially part 2 of MOOD but the vibes are different. Marty and Fern debuted within the top 5 on the iTunes charts and have been dropping funny and crazy visuals along the way. Congrats to the Miami boys, Social Club is the best.

J. Monty

J. Monty dropped his long-awaited “100 Bars Pt. 4.” The music video for it debuted on the BET network and this epic show of wordsmithness displayed the best in the series. J. Monty took the time to explain the song and what he’s got going on an interview now up on Check that out.

Andy Mineo

Our writer Elijah Matos broke down Andy Mineo’s A Work in Progress as a study of Andy. “In many ways, it’s the perfect representation of Andy Mineo’s full personhood, as he balances emotional turmoil with jubilation. If it were a film, it would best be described as a character study, focusing more on Andy Mineo as an individual going through real experiences in a world of which he has little control. Mineo, like his project, is a work in progress, but with God-given courage, he has found a way to reveal a more complete version of himself to the world.”


We’ve spoken about the recently signed Shepherd and how his track “Gametime” has over 6 million plays. Well, guess what? He dropped a remix featuring the big Diesel himself, Shaquille O’Neil. For some of you youngins’ who don’t know, Shaq dropped 3 rap albums in the early 90s. He even did a song with Biggie. Even all these years later, Shaq didn’t mail in it, he even took a swipe at Michael Jordan.


Yo, this A3C event in Atlanta is going to be ridiculous. We teamed up with Reach Records and RMG to put on the Light Work show. Let me read off some names – all of indie tribe, Wande, Aaron Cole, Canon, Rhema Soul, OB, V. Rose, and more!


In conclusion, don’t forget to check out all of our playlists featuring the top tracks that dropped on Friday. Start with the Rapzilla Playlist and work your way down. Remember to check out the Christian Rap Mix and Pandora and the best indie artists and tips on

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