Perhaps you’ve heard of nobigdyl. aka Young Rural aka Smol Dylan aka Dyl., etc. If you haven’t, then you are way behind the curve. nobigdyl. has been captivating the industry since his debut project, Smoke Signal, in 2015.

After his career got started with Derek Minor, he is now one of the biggest names in Christian rap. And he’s only got four years under his belt. It’s a year and a half past his last major album, SOLAR. In May, by way of his usual social media announcements, nobigdyl. announced this new “Phase 2” in the life of his music career.

What does this mean, exactly? Well, I don’t know, actually. And that’s not what I’m here to talk about, either. Since his introduction to Christian rap in 2015, nobigdyl. has been gaining some much-deserved notoriety. With this increasing popularity comes a greater demand for content. Everyone knows this to be true.

At the beginning of the summer (though the specifics are unclear), Dyl took to his Instagram Story and announced the coming of “Dyllie bars all summer.” This begs the question, now that September is here and the summer has all but vanished: did nobigdyl. deliver on these promised bars, or was Young Rural ghost all summer? The answer is very simple – it was a summer chocked full of the Tennessee rapper.

On May 13, 2019, “Phase 2” officially began. An exact week later, the first Dyllie Bar appeared alongside comedian-turned-rapper John Crist, DJ Mykael V, and rapper 1K Phew on the track “Check Your Heart.” This track is meant to be a little funny, but truthful at its core. The message of the song is clear: hypocrisy and sin are bountiful in our lifestyles, often in things we don’t think are important. Perhaps the best line from Dyl to sum this up:

“Call that girl my sis, but I ask her for pics/Bible in a year, February I quit.”

About one month later, on June 28, 2019, the first full track of Summer Dyllie was here: “Emcee Hammer.” Dabbling into his bouncy, lowkey sound he often exhibits on songs like “twenty eighteen.” and “anime,” nobigdyl. really had some fun with this song. The best line to give you a feel for this song is probably the first bar:

“Too legit to quit, you could call me MC Hammer/ I might make a hit while I’m still in my pajamas.”

The song is full of funny comparisons and clever lines. And the music video is not lacking on cameos and its own humor. So far, only through the month of June, there are several Dyllie Bars. But the train doesn’t stop here.

Just a couple of weeks later, Kings Dream artist Jon Keith dropped his junior album, Olympus. Almost on cue, conveniently on track number seven, there appears a feature from a very familiar name – nobigdyl. In his song titled “Bag,” Jon Keith solicited the help of Dyllie Bars for what was assuredly a “turn this up and hit repeat” kind of song. Jon Keith spares no skill in his verse. Dyl is on the same train of thought. Once again, the first line of his verse sums up where he’s at in the booth:

“Okay, I’ve been in my bag like I got some groceries in here/Sleeping on me like it’s melatonin in here/ I’m in the lab, and I got the brodies in here/ rap is too easy, we makin’ oldies in here.”

To pipe in a clever and almost undeniable pun, nobigdyl. is 100% in his bag with this Dyllie bar.

Things were quiet for a couple of weeks. Then, almost seemingly out of nowhere, Reach Records announced their Summer ‘19 project. This project was a collaboration of over 50 artists and producers to create what was effectively a small playlist. There were some big names on this project – All of Reach (minus Trip Lee), Joey Vantes, Parris Chariz, Steven Malcolm and more;  but there was also one very specific feature.

In a song titled “Energy,” nobigdyl. was back with some bars alongside Torey D’Shaun. This song really sends the message of being alive and motivated in who Christ has called us to be. The best line to sum up this performance is the last line of his verse. nobigdyl. Says:

“Only blood, I don’t move around with cowards/ Call me solar, from the sun [son] comes my power.”

Is this a play on words regarding his album SOLAR.? I don’t know. But it sure is catchy nonetheless.

Jarry Manna, indie tribe. associate of nobigdyl., released a sequel album Legends of Lotus Water 2. He secured a feature from nobigdyl. in his song “Hard Days,” a track that really speaks on battling the aches and pains of sin. This message is all too familiar in light of SOLAR., nobigdyl.’s junior album.

Then, just recently on September 13th, nobigdyl. capped off his Summer Dyllie extravaganza. In his latest single “Stix,” dyl. left nothing up for grabs. With a very unique, Shakespearean piano-trap instrumental, Mixtape Dyllie came into the limelight. This song has a very hard bassline and a sound that really forces the listener to hear his lyrics. Channeling his inner Tennesee, dyl. kind of stays in the same vein as “Emcee Hammer,” with funny lines, personal lines, and quick wit.

Here’s the bottom line…

nobigdyl. is a self-admitted perfectionist. When he took over Reach Records’ Instagram live several weeks ago, he admitted to a viewer that he records way more songs than he releases. The lack of an album on over a year does not come as a major surprise. But the people were itching a little to hear some horses runnings and, “Tribe on the move,” sneak its way into a song. This summer, it happened. Several songs made their way into the mix that had a little, curt, “Dyllie,” and then he was back – nobigdyl. had come through with Dyllie Bars.

And there were Dyllie Bars all summer. And listened, happily ever after.