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NF Talks of His Beliefs in God, Dealing with Success, Eminem & More in New Video Interview (WATCH)

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NF recently sat down for a conversation with Ill Will at this week. Being someone who tends to be pretty vulnerable on the mic, NF found some space here in front of a camera to be real.

Considering himself to be a quite negative person and preparing for the worst, NF says he finds it thrilling that he outsold Chance The Rapper’s debut album ‘The Big Day’ in the first week of sales with his new album The Search.

Nate also shares how his perception changes the older he gets. He looks back on the song How Could You Leave Us and today understands why it needed to be written. NF also admits though that he has more empathy towards his Mom now than he did at the time.

“Success can get to you in ways you aren’t prepared for.” Nate explains how it felt to work his whole life to get to “the top” of this industry, only to have that feeling come and go in almost an instant. He even alludes to experiencing a mental break and finally going to therapy.

A lot of artists get to the point of mastering their craft by quitting their day job and jumping fully into their art. This wasn’t the case for Nate, as he took a more practical approach and knew that the bills would still need to be paid. He worked as an electrician to make ends meet. NF even recalls a time that his producer, Tommee gave him a killer deal to record 4 tracks and he barely had enough to pay for that.

NF finishes this conversation being pretty open about where he’s at with God. He says he is a believer but wishes that he would talk to God more. Nate also talks about how he’s scarred from his past experiences being in the church. These experiences left him feeling like he had a judgmental spirit when it came to the world around him. So he fights feelings of only going to God when a crisis comes and the guilt that comes with that. (Don’t we all?) He also has come to accept that not everyone will have the same thoughts that he does, and that’s okay.

In this honest conversation, NF shares more about his current successes paired with his mental health. Nate even lists his favorite Eminem tracks and comes from the heart about his relationship with God.

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