J. Monty just dropped his long-awaited “100 Bars Pt. 4” with a music video. Here’s what he told us about the track:

“‘100 Bars pt. 3’ was more of a lyrical sermon. The message was to the point. Part 4 is a bit more layered in the sense that the message can be interpreted through the production just as much as the lyrical illustration. Sonically, you’ll experience the song transition from dark to inspirational. That encompasses the theme of my life over the past 4 years; from broken to hopeful. The production also explores three different styles of hip-hop that I was heavily influenced by growing up, which points to the totality of my musical identity and my evolving pursuit as a student of Hip-Hop.

Lyrically, you’ll experience more of my testimony and my desire to see Jesus glorified. So the beauty of Part 4 is that it serves as the reflection of everything I’ve grown to be as a believer both in the production and in the storytelling.”

Watch J. Monty below: