Diomer and Shiwan address artistic and personal integrity with a fun approach in new single “Wake Up.”

Diomer is ecstatic to begin releasing music again, as it’s his first commercial release since December 2017, when he released his first EP Welcome! which debuted on the U.S. top-200 iTunes Hip-Hop charts.

“I believe I’ve matured a lot as an artist since dropping my first EP, and I’ve been working hard to develop my sound and be consistent with my releases moving forward.”

Diomer’s eclectic arrangements shine with authenticity and depth, flowing across various styles of music. Whether it’s a lo-fi hip-hop beat, pop sound or an aggressive trap beat, Diomer’s music is a refreshing experience that combines transparency, imagery and faith to bring hope to those who feel lost or seek everlasting joy.

Listen to Diomer Below:

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