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Top Underrated Christian Rap Songs of the Week – 9/13/19

New content is released every week, and it’s sometimes easy for it to get lost in the shuffle. For that reason, we’d like to offer up this weekly rewind. These are some of our favorite releases to make their way to us for review — the Top Underrated Christian Rap Songs of the Week.

Above The Clouds – Above The Clouds ft. DJ Sean P
This new group made up by producer/emcee Tae Lamar and lyrical assassin Intellect is determined to remind us that boom-bap never dies. DJ Sean P makes his presence known on this debut single with cuts on the turntables that are sure to please hip hop purists.

nobigdyl. – Stix

“Stix” is a short and grimey sounding vibe that will keep your attention the full way through. nobigdyl. is just having fun on this track which makes it a fun song to listen too.

Jasxn – Split ft. AyeJae

Really two songs in one, Jasxn proves that it’s possible to be a new school lyricist by spitting quickly delivered bars over a simple piano-based instrumental.

Kay Sade – Patterns

This song really has something in it for everybody. Biblical references, melody, a unique beat, and a real chill vibe. “Patterns” is a really good song that’s worth your time to check out.

Zauntee – Fanatic

The Tamp, FL native is back with his latest single “Fanatic.” In this track Zauntee speaks on taking the jump towards Christ, letting go of everything and relying completely on faith.

Bl1nd3d and Xay Hill – Heartbeat ft. Caleb

This is from the new EP released by Bl1nd3d and Xay Hill titled: Introvert. The overall feel of the project is very moody and emotional. “Heartbeat” stands out as one of the best tracks from the 4 song project which as a whole, is a really great little EP.

James Gardin – Major

This track is something different to hear from James Gardin and I like the change up a lot. If you want to hear something fresh from this artist, “Major” is the track for you to click on.

J. Crum – Lil Bird

An encouraging song sharing the message and hope of God-given purpose.

Martyrz – No Time

Not one man’s (woman’s) time is worth more than any others, One thing that never stops and that you can never get back is time.  So prioritization is extremely important.

Kamban – Raw Power

“Raw Power” speaks on the love of God, the redemption that He provides us, and the breakthrough you can have through Him.

We hope you took the time to check these Christian Rap singles out. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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Written by Tom REF Mong

Tom has loved Christian Rap and Hip Hop since first being exposed to it in 2003. Whether it be as a fan, radio host, artist or promoter, his heart for people is what drives him to continue as a community leader and Christ focused member of the CHH community.

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