It seems a Katy Perry lawsuit loss and an “unknown” rapper beating out Chance for the No. 1 spot on Billboard has thrust this “new phenomenon” known as Christian rap into the spotlight. Apparently, the ensuing traffic was enough that USA Today decided to create a list of Christian Rappers You Need to Know. All sarcastic tones aside, USA Today is the 14th most popular news site on the web, so that in itself is news. And whether they are bandwagoning clicks or not, is irrelevant, this is a good look for the artists.

Before we dive into their picks, the article mentions the “surprise” that NF was No. 1. This is a common thread among mainstream outlets. We, along with the fanbase, and pretty much anyone else who knows Christian rap, speculated or even assumed NF would take that spot. The biggest surprise is the total lack of awareness to NF being one of the biggest artists in the world over and over.

Let’s also mention the name “LeCrae” which one would suppose is better than the common fan misspelling of “Lecrea.”  We can let this one slide. Moving on to nobigdyl., as much as it hurts as a journalist, you can’t forget that “.” at the end of the name. Sidebar, publications love to put dyl’s full name when they write about him.

So obviously that’s the three names on the list. The other three are Social Club Misfits, Andy Mineo, and Wande. These six provide a decent sample size for CHH but we obviously know it runs a lot deeper than those mentioned. Over the course of Christian rap’s over 30-year existence, we’ve had a plethora of incredibly talented people leading people to Jesus with their music. It’s not a fad, it’s not dead, and it’s not devoid of God, IT JUST IS.

It’s cool to see some of our brightest talents getting their shine in the mainstream spotlight. That seems to mean it’s working. Shout out to these artists for continuing to kill it with their music.