Tre9’s legacy of local ministry is stuff of legends and it’s what he’s most concerned with passing down to others. This is the theme of the “Generations Remix” of his “Pull Up On Ya Block” song from the veteran rapper’s recent War Cry album. The track, which was originally just a collaboration between Tre9 and newcomer Rob Bing, now features Austin Lanier and Reach Records’ artist KB.

Although they hail from three different generations of hip hop, their mission is the same – to show up anytime and anywhere to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It’s a message that obviously resonates with listeners. Earlier this year the song set a record for the most consecutive weeks (10) as the champion of Houston’s 91.7 FM NGEN Radio’s “Thursday Throwdown” segment hosted by media personality Chris Chicago.

“These are people we see on a regular basis. We know their names, their struggles, and their stories and it was very important to me that this video showcase that part of my daily life,” Tre9 said. “Sure, the music side is fun, but I wholeheartedly believe that in the eyes of Christ, our servitude is much more valuable than our celebrity.

Watch Tre9 Below: