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Thomas Iannucci, King Chav, Czar Josh, Weez da Satellite Kiid, Big Yae, Rich Colón, Shiwan, J. Crum, Kay Sade, Phil J. – Illyindé Remix Cypher

Thomas Iannucci, King Chav, Czar Josh, Weez da Satellite Kiid, Big Yae, Rich Colón, Shiwan, J. Crum, Kay Sade, Phil J. all got together for the “Illyindé Remix Cypher.”

The song is executive-produced by Nomis and co-produced by original Illyindé collaborator Joe Ayindé, the “Illyindé Remix” track is a nod to the popular cypher format of groups like BET and XXL, where the hottest rising stars in hip hop are brought together to show off their lyrical skill. This cypher, which contains verses from 10 of the dopest up-and-coming talent in CHH (including a staggering SIX current or former Rapzilla Freshmen, seven if you count co-producer Ayindé), is a must-listen for anyone loves real hip hop. 

“Everyone on here this cypher is a personal friend of mine,” said Iannucci in a statement. “And they’re all lyrical killers as well. There isn’t a single ounce of fat on these bars. I encouraged them all to come and take my head off at the beginning of the song, and I think it’s safe to say they succeeded! But, perhaps more importantly, everyone on here is a little too slept-on, in my opinion. I wanted to take the best rappers you might not know but SHOULD, and give them a platform to show why they’re some of the best in the business. I’m so proud of my friends; they really came through on this track, and proved why they will be the leaders of the next generation of hip hop.” 

In order, the song features verses from Hawaii-rapper Thomas Iannucci, respected lyricist King Chav, Rapzilla Freshmen Czar Josh and Weez the Satellite Kiid (of Artificial Christian), rising star Big Yae, Rich Colón of noted duo Flightschool, award-winning emcee J Crum, as well as Rapzilla Freshmen Kay Sade (formerly of TheKnuBlack) and noted singer Phil J. 

“This song is special, because everyone on here is special,” added Iannucci. “I just can’t wait for everyone to see why!”

Listen to Thomas Iannucci and everyone Below:

Justin Sarachik

Written by Justin Sarachik

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