StefanOtto released his long-awaited Menace Movement debut with Til Heaven Comes. The versatile rapper/singer has been steadily dropping solid guest verses and tracks over the years and now this is the culmination of his hard work.

Menace Movement is a label founded by God Over Money’s Datin, and he has been StefanOtto’s biggest cheerleader in this process.

“So if you support me, I ask that you pick up this album also. I promise you that StefanOtto put his all into this and you won’t regret it. Buy it! Stream it! Tell a friend to tell a friend that it’s out!!!” said Datin.


1. Til Heaven Comes
2. Night Falls (ft. Jered Sanders)
3. Body Bag (ft. Datin & Selah the Corner)
4. Upside Down (ft. Datin)
5. Idols Die (ft. Datin)
6. Defiant (ft. Jes Norris)
7. Where Are We Now?
8. Queens (ft. Jay Cabassa)
9. Window (ft. Jameil Walls)
10. Menace Flow (ft. DJ Morph)
11. Scarlett’s Letter (ft. Jes Norris)
12. Picture Perfect
13. Graduated

Listen to StefanOtto Below: