On July 26th, just over a week ago, two of hip-hop’s biggest names dropped full-length albums: NF and Chance the Rapper. Both artists have fanbases that are both numerous and incredibly dedicated, leading many to speculate which project would dominate the charts (our writer Ed Boice even wrote an op-ed taking a guess at the result). Many fans have been following the race closely, and the results are finally in: According to HITSDailyDoubleNF’s The Search has officially debuted at #1, surpassing Chance the Rapper’s debut album, The Big Day.

The Big Day’s seemingly delayed-release may have contributed to the upset. The album released just before noon central standard time instead of a more typical midnight eastern standard time release.

NF’s previous album, Perception, also debuted at #1 in 2017, the first time that the artist had done so.

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