Andy Mineo is making some of the most important music he’s ever made, even if that music is not technically new. The concept behind Work In Progress was a good one. Let’s take a bunch of unreleased, raw, and even shell versions of songs that exist and show people the thought process behind the songs. It’s in this way Mineo’s music comes to life; add the weaving in of dialogue from podcasts, and this album strikes a cord.

Many of the tracks showcase a different style and sound for Andy which is cool. Some tracks, such as “1988” and “Honest 2 God” offer a crushing look into someone who deals with at times crippling anxiety and fear. The emotions and ideas are very human and very relatable. On this project are also the original versions of “Family Photo” and “I ain’t done.”

Overall, the music down to the marketing, artwork, and accompanying podcast makes for an experience rather than a listen. Mineo’s “incomplete” work may be among the best collections of art the rapper has made.

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