At the 2019 Elevation Conference, Wande and Rockstar Jt formed a panel focused on youth. The two young adult artists talked and answered audience questions about navigating life and how God led them to where they are today. During the panel, Wande revealed her come-up and a taste of what her life is like as a female artist.

The Come-Up

Wande became a Christian in 7th grade. As soon as she accepted Jesus into her life, life went downhill. Her social life suffered, and her Muslim family attacked her faith. Ultimately, however, the experiences drew her closer to Him.

“I was like, ‘Jesus, what is this?’ But it was cool because I had to just really lean on the Lord and He taught me His opinion of me is really all that matters, even with my family [tensions],” Wande said

As she grew stronger in her faith overtime, God also showed Wande she had musical talent. Of all places, He showed her in a 9th-grade biology class.

“I had a project. You could do a PowerPoint, or you could rap. I chose the rapping option. My friends were like, ‘yo, your pretty good you could be a rapper,’ and I was like, ‘No, really?’”

Wande then turned the attention people gave her for her rapping ability into a ministering opportunity. From then on, Wande knew God wanted her to become a Christian rapper. However, she didn’t dive headfirst into achieving her goal.

“I remember I got caught up when I was in high school, and I was like, ‘oh, I’m just going to drop out of school and be a rapper.’ But my parents were like, ‘that’s not going to happen. You’re going to go to college.’ With me I was like, God wants me to be a rapper, and I was super caught up in that, but with the practical steps it’s like, no because you need to be able to live your life.”

Joining Reach Records


So Wande graduated from high school and then attended the University of Texas. In college, she grinded away at a school that has around 4% of minorities in its student population. During what free time she had, she pursued God’s goal for her. As graduation grew close for her, God, again, told her to wait before taking the big leap toward pursuing music full-time.

“I graduate college and I know God still wants me to become a rapper, but I need to live and so I need a job. When Reach [Records] offered me a job it’s like, ‘ok I’m going to take it because I need to provide for myself and my family.’”

Fast forward to the present-day, and Wande is now the only female artist on Reach Records’ roster. While being a part of a male dominate label might seem scary for some, Wande hasn’t felt any pressure or bias against her.

“I grew up with brothers so it’s not that big of a deal for me because it’s just like normal life of what I was used to growing up. I think that if God wasn’t in that environment, I guess it would be weird. For me, it’s normal. It’s just like being around friends. I think sometimes I notice and like, ‘oh, I guess I am the only girl in this room.’ I would say for the most part everything’s positive. I haven’t had any bad experiences.”

This is just a sliver of what happened at the Elevation Conference. Keep your eyes peeled for more on the conference here on Rapzilla!