For many years, the Nigerian hip hop scene has not really been what it was expected to be. The music industry in the country has developed but Christian rap has not changed as much.

Sadly, the development of CHH isn’t strong. I find it hard in really identifying the present Christian hip hop acts as rappers. Most claim it but in particular embrace the Afro-pop genre. The slow growth of the Christian rap industry is not just an issue that started overnight but has been going on for a long time.

Often times, the scene has cried for lack of support from the church and also music listeners but this is way more than that.

Most artists in the industry have made it look more like a clique thing – a situation in which they only help in promoting certain person’s songs or acknowledge those they see to be of their own. This same issue is replicated in the media with radio and television stations giving the most airplay to songs by certain artists believing that they are the popular ones.

These are one of the reasons why Nigerian CHH can hardly boast of discovering new artists or freshmen every year just like it is done in other places.

Consistency is another factor that has in one way killed Christian hip hop in the nation. Some of our rappers go on musical breaks and even some releasing no album in a year or just one single in six months which made many of them irrelevant.

It is time for the Christian hip hop to stand up to its expectations. It is understandable how the industry is and how encouragement is low but it’s brighter on the other side.

It’s high time Nigerian Christian rappers support each other, make good rap music and not all hide under the umbrella of afro-pop music. There are still some of us who will love to listen and pay for good rap music shows. It is time we support our fellow rappers in the Christian rap industry, not just the ones in our zones but in all parts of the country. It is time to support and patronize the media now and make them know you exist. Send your press kits, seek for help, and find promotions if you need to.

Media platforms like iRapChrist, Praiseworld Radio who have been holding it down in the hip hop scene. Now, we are trying to help grow the scene with the help of

All this and much more is what will make Nigeria Christian rap great.