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Elevation Conference

We have more coverage from the Elevation Conference. Derek Minor, Spechouse, and Chad Horton had an awesome panel discussion where they broke down the rise of social justice in CHH. At some point, the music made by some of the top artists started swaying more towards current events. Horton believes it started with Trayvon Martin. Check out the discussion and let us know what you think.

Kanye West

Kanye West recently did a revealing interview with Forbes where he spoke about his creative process. Interestingly enough, he attributed the Bible to much of his inspiration. Many of you are probably rolling your eyes, we’re just telling you the news!

“I’ll be working on home designs and looking at references from 3,000 years ago and reading the Old Testament at the same time. It’s like a soundtrack to the visuals and shapes…of what we’re creating,” he explained. “A lot of my creative friends, I tell them, the Bible is better than Pinterest. You can bring something into space and time we exist in while reflecting thousands of years of truth.”

Brandon Burke

We had the privilege of speaking with Brandon Burke. He’s a pastor, rapper, and the spiritual mentor of Justin Bieber. He came by the studio to share his own personal testimony of overcoming a debilitating disease and finding his purpose in ministry.


On Friday we posted an op-ed about the Christian Rap scene in Nigeria. It sparked a little bit of a debate for us on Twitter with many rappers from different African nations chiming in. Essentially, CHH has some of the same problems globally. We often think of our problems as “American.” Check out the article and learn something!


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