On July 18-20, 2019, Legacy Disciple will host its 13th annual conference in Chicago. It will include concerts featuring Derek Minor, Canon, Aaron Cole, Steven Malcolm, Montell Fish, and Shepherd. There will be teaching by Shai and Blair Linne, Janette..ikz, Preston Perry, Joseph Solomon, and Dhati Lewis.

Legacy Disciple

Legacy Chicago offers dozens of workshop options on topics like disciple-making, relationships, sexuality, race and more.

Plenary speakers Christopher Yuan, D.A. Horton, Mika and Christina Edmondson, and Romell Williams will each teach from different Bible passages about what it means to be Devoted to the Gospel, which is the 2019 conference theme.

Teaching by a diverse cast of ministers will equip urban attendees, who consistently leave the conference encouraged by Legacy’s like-minded, disciple-making, justice-seeking, art-appreciating community.

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