K-Drama is set to release his latest studio recording, Elegiac Sessions on August 2nd on
his imprint, Playwright Music. Produced entirely by K-Drama, the EP is the follow-up to his 2019’s effort, Whetherman.

Elegiac Sessions’ 1st single, “Gotta Do Better,” has seen moderate success, nearing 100,000 streams on Spotify. The latest single, “We Win Through the Struggle” was inspired by a sermon he heard at church.

“When I heard Pastor Chuck Mingo preach about overcoming struggles by going through it, I resonated with his words heavy & immediately though this notion needed to be echoed in song form. Oftentimes we as people tend to avoid struggle rather than go through it.”

Elegiac Sessions’ title was inspired by the former NPR Podcast, Microphone Check hosted by Ali Shaheed Muhammad of A Tribe Called Quest & Frannie Kelley. In an interview conducted with Recording Artist/Producer Large Professor, the term, “elegiac” was mentioned & a lightbulb turned on in K-Drama’s mind, establishing the EP. It’s this vocabulary that encapsulates
the landscape of the project.

“To me like the conclusion of a four-part series. Winds & Wavs was the storm, The 8th was the aftermath of the storm, Whetherman was accepting storms in life will come & Elegiac Sessions is moving forward from the storm.”
K-DramaThe project can be preordered or saved here.

K-Drama Tracklist:

01 – Catch This Wav ft. Charde Jones
02 – Do What I Do
03 – Gotta Do Better
04 – Why Can’t I Be Myself?
05 – What I Got To Show For It?
06 – Side by Side ft. Sean C. Johnson
07 – Speak to my Situation
08 – We Win Through The Struggle
09 – Highs and Lows