Every time Eric Heron drops a new project or song, it’s a level up – this time it’s no different. How many times do you hear people say, “Last night was a movie!” when describing an incredible night? Well, Eric did just that for his new single “Movie.” The song features an amazing vocal performance by Jenna Wright and the always clean, yet bombastic production of Ryan Vetter.

The 2018 Rapzilla Freshmen is at his most vulnerable in this track as he showcases some of the range, and still keeps his signature yet evolving sound. The sound of the track also builds upon the groundwork he laid with 2018’s project Neon: A Somewhat Adamant Sequel.

“The concept for this track originally developed after exploring past relationships that may have failed, but are in a situation where you still have love and respect for the person you lost. And now that you have both moved on…it’s a weird thing to watch their life from a distance, like a Movie,” said Heron.

Listen to Eric Heron Below: