Christian hip hop O.G. KRUM (Playdough) took to Twitter to chime in about the copyright stuff surrounding FLAME vs Katy Perry. Instead of providing commentary directly on it, he shared his own experience.

“Everybody’s talking about this copyright stuff so check this out. A few years ago I was working on some sync opportunities and sending songs around the industry. Here’s a snippet from one of the unfinished demos I was working on:”

“Then last year I saw a commercial for this video game and my heart stopped beating. I couldn’t believe it. Coincidence?”

“I’ve sampled so much music that isn’t mine in my life I ain’t even tripping y’all. They did it way better than I could. It’s just money.

The video game in question is Far Cry 5. While the recordings don’t sonically sound identical, you can hear the same vocals KRUM used. The beat sounds like it’s amplified crunched, and rock’d up to be heavy.”

Also, he was sending the beat out to be synched. That means he was looking for placements on TV, commercial, film, etc. It’s possible someone heard it, didn’t want to pay him, and jacked the idea.

What do you think?