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Christian Rap and it’s National & Global Impact on the Mainstream

The Christian rap scene has been in existence for a few decades and making waves regardless of the limited support it receives outside of Christian spheres.

In spite of this, CHH acts have continuously strived to ensure they go against the odds and make their music transcend circles. This can be attributed to the hard work and passion many of these artists have put into the art they make, being creative enough and not still forgetting their aim to make music which is to bring people to Christ.

A lot of Christian acts have stayed true to the faith and even gone beyond the borders of their music. Gone are the days when it was believed being a Christian rapper, you might not get relevant in the wider music or entertainment industry. 

Our present-day Christian hip hop acts have been making fans proud with achievements after achievements, not just winning in the gospel section but also winning in the mainstream. 

An example of these achievements is Reach Records head honcho Lecrae. He bagged home two Grammy awards in the Best Gospel Album category making him the first Christian rapper to ever win the award. He has remained relevant since then and also made movie appearances in films like “Superfly.”

In 2017, a track by Reach Records rapper Andy Mineo titled “You Can’t Stop Me” was used by the NBA team Indiana Pacers as their season theme song. 

NF is also one of the many rappers who has shown his versatility, proving how much people should listen to his music as many of his tracks and albums have gone platinum. Besides that, he has topped many charts even above many other popular secular artists.

Not forgetting the younger ones, 14-year-old rapper Ray Emmanuel is grabbing the bag of great things as a teenager. The rapper got noticed via his Instagram videos that were trending and since then has gotten the chance to perform on MLK Day. He is also billed to perform at the Austin City Limits Festival alongside Cardi B, Childish Gambino, and more in October.

Canadian based Nigerian rapper Shopé is another artist pushing boundaries. The 30-year-old rapper this year alone has won the CBC #Searchlight2019 and also had the opportunity to perform at one of the biggest Canadian music shows with industry giants like Rhye, Alvvays etc. 

Rockstar Jt and Culture Villains rap artist Big Yae are two rap acts doing the CHH community proud. The rappers’ song “Getchu Weight Up” recently got featured on Zendaya’s show “Euphoria” (HBO). 

Nigeria hip hop artists are also not left behind in this development as they have also soared on different grounds. 

One of these acts includes rapper and producer Limoblaze who has gotten a movie role in a Nollywood movie (the 3rd largest movie industry in the world) regardless of him being a Christian rapper.

Hip hop act Da Boomsha has also excelled outside the Christian circle as he was a runner up in one of the biggest rap contests (Hennessey VS Class)in Nigeria in 2017. He only came second because he refused to battle rap in the final stage which for him means bringing his fellow man down.

Recently,  U.S. based Nigerian rapper Tobe Nwigwe and Reach Records rapper 1k Phew made the lineup for NBA 2K20 soundtrack which goes up in September.

Tobe Nwigwe in recent times has had the opportunity to be featured on various mainstream shows such as the Broccoli City Festival which had Childish Gambino, Wizkid, Lil Wayne, and other top acts. He got his popular series #Gettwistedsundays in the popular New Yorker Magazine and performed at the BET experience in 2018 amongst many other great things. 

It’s great news and a big win for CHH because this shows more than before that CHH artists are relevant as long as they put in more creativity in their songs and they’re going to get heard someday.

There are many more Christian rap artists all over the world doing it right and putting Christian hip hop on the map that were not mentioned. You can mention them in the comment section below.


Written by Olusola Adenusi

I'm a content creator, writer, music critic, lover of Politics. Nigerian. Christ lover. Lead Writer for iRapChrist (A Christian hip hop platform).

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