Aasha Marie dropped her latest single “Punch” and it serves as a relatable record about not being where you want to be at this exact moment in life.

“As an artist, I realize as much as I give myself to music – investing the time and energy to create, there’s a very real tension that exists between my passion for music and my day job,” she said. “The point of contention comes when the 9-to-5 drains/limits my creativity, both the day job and my music requires my all, both require my full attention and for me to be functioning at a high level. However, sometimes one vocation overtakes the other, causing one to suffer the consequences.”

She continued, “I’ve worked many jobs where I’ve had to ‘punch’ the clock, a constant reminder of how I’m not where I want to be, daydreaming on the job about doing music full time or finding any downtime at the 9-to-5 on lunch breaks etc. to write down lyrics or concoct melodies, music a is a slow grind but full time commitment. God gave me my job to fund my studio time, pay for marketing, pay for the visuals etc but how do I remain grateful and see my 9-to-5 as a blessing and not a burden? Seeing how it’s how I pay the bills and also fund my music dreams? I wrote this to be a relatable song for artists and people in general who are focused on their dreams that gives them energy and passion and fuels them to continue to punch the clock while not letting the 9-to-5 change my character by making me callous toward my boss, ungrateful for my labor, and lose sight of my dreams. It’s a balancing act between the two, but I trust God to lead the way and give me the endurance to be faithful in BOTH.”

Listen to Aasha Marie Below: