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Aaron Cole

Let’s kick it off with some news from Aaron Cole. One of the most talented young artists in the genre is dropping his debut full-length album on Gotee Records. It’s called “Not by Chance” and is set to release on August 30th. Aaron is continuing his ColeSzn by teaming up with producer Cole Walowac. Get all the details on the tracks and features on Rapzilla.

Canon & NF

Writer Zach Lee has been doing a Here & Not Yet series about songs from artists that were teased but never dropped. He interviewed Canon about a “ridiculous” song he was working on with NF back in 2015. The song never materialized but he didn’t rule out a collab in the future. Overall, the article is an awesome look into Canon’s creativity and writing process. Read about it here.

Christian Rap & the Radio

Our last story takes us to last month’s Elevation Conference in Boston. We alluded to this conversation in one of this show’s earlier episodes. Chad Horton (Rapzilla Owner), along with Spechouse, and Derek Minor were on a panel where they spoke about why CHH isn’t played on the radio. They all had their own theories and experiences and rather than me explaining, you should go read the article!


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