Welcome to the second episode of Rapzilla.com’s Top Christian Rap News Recap. We endeavor to grab the best stories from the previous week and give them to you every Monday.

Watch Our Christian Rap News Below:

Josiah Williams

Let’s lead off with some awesome news from Josiah Williams. You may remember that he’s a CHH artist who was hired to make creative content for the WWE. Well, just last week, he had an opportunity to step into the rings performing his Wrestle & Flow version of Adam Cole’s song. Check out the clip on Rapzilla.com.

Tobe Nwigwe

The next story is major. 2018 Rapzilla Freshmen Tobe Nwigwe was called up on stage by Black Thought of the Roots where he rapped alongside a few other legends – Pharoah Monch and Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def. Tobe continues to astound people with his rapping ability. Check out the full clip on Rapzilla.com

Derek Minor

In part 3 of Derek Minor and I’s a discussion about race, last week we tackled Police Brutality and Looting. We dove into some topics including the anger in neighborhoods when a black man gets killed by police, why they loot or riot, and do African Americans all suffer from PTSD? Listen to the podcast or read along on the site now!


Our writer Maggie breaks down Propaganda’s song “It’s Complicated” to talk about the beautiful brilliant messes we often are in our lives. She does an incredible of taking the lyrics and applying them to our insecurities, hopes, and often times too critical expectations we put on ourselves. Be sure to give this one a read.


Lastly, I’d love to let you know about our latest venture with Pandora! We now have the Christian Rap Mix, a playlist featuring commentary on the songs from your favorite artists and exclusively on Pandora. We’ve got Ruslan as our cover photo, and you’ll get to hear him break Indie Jones 3 down.

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