Josiah Williams is slowly becoming the King Of The Ring. The creator of the highly popular YouTube channel Wrestle and Flow, in which Williams would do hip hip remixes of some of his favorite wrestling entrances, was hired for his dream job in WWE earlier this year. He has been working as a digital on-air personality at the Performance Center down in Tampa.

Rapzilla recently held an interview with the CHH artist, who has been making waves with his music for quite some time. That wave swelled to a Tsunami this past weekend.

WWE held their NXT Takeover 25 event this past Saturday, with the championship match featuring two of the best wrestlers on the roster. The match was between NXT Champion Johnny Gargano and the challenger, Leader of the villainous Undisputed Era, Adam Cole. As Cole’s music began to fill the arena, Williams comes flying out from behind the curtain, rapping the lyrics to his very first W & F record, which just so happened to be about the guy he’s leading down to the squared circle.

The atmosphere was electric in the Webster Bank Arena, as Adam Cole entered the ring while the crowd shouted out his catchphrase “Adam Cole BAY BAY!” before his music faded and Josiah disappeared.

The match that followed was one of the best wrestling matches that the WWE has produced this year, with Adam Cole being crowned champion and Josiah becoming a part of wrestling history, even getting props from The Game himself Triple H.

As Josiah continues to grow under the WWE banner, who knows what the future holds. A Joint album with R-Truth and The Dr of Thugganomics? In a perfect world…

Did you catch Josiah Williams on TV?